Registration for the 25 km, 50 km and the 50 Miles (80 km) SallandTrail 2022 starts on Sunday, November 28th at 8 PM.

You can register at

From the start of the registration period you can also view who has registered so far at the different distances. We advise you to use that option to carpool together with your running mates to Nijverdal!

Registration fees are NOT raised

Again we can keep the registration fees the same!

25 km SallandTrail € 20,00
50 km SallandTrail € 25,00
50 miles SallandTrail € 30,00

A part of the registration fee will go to the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park (S(up)port for Nature) and to the Overijssel Landscape. This means that all participants contribute to the sustainable management of the forest and Sallandse nature reserves.

Trail running, nature experience, nature support go very well together!


Pre-registration can be achieved before February 1st 2019 or until the limits have been reached earlier. (note: limits are usually reached within a day or a few days!)
No post-registration is possible on the day itself. In the unlikely event that you can not participate in the SallandTrail, you can cancel free of charge until 15 January by sending us an e-mail. The direct debits will be collected from 15 January. After 15 January you are allowed to transfer your registration yourself to another person, provided we receive the necessary details of the new participant before March 1st! People on the reserve list have priority. We will gladly bring you in (mail) contact with someone on the waiting list.
You must take care of the financial settlement with the new participant!

Maximum amount of participants

– 25 km SallandTrail maximum of 700 participants (again 2 start groups!!)
– 50 km SallandTrail maximum of 325 participants
– 50 Miles SallandTrail maximum of 175 participants

During a part of the 50 km and the 50 Miles route the participants run through the National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug. We want to prevent too much pressure on that area. By setting a maximum number of participants and spreading the participants over the complete course, we expect to be able to prevent possible inconvenience as much as possible. This has been very successful in recent years, thanks to the participants themselves!
The SallandTrail takes place every year on the last Saturday before the start of the breeding season and the closure of parts of the National Park. That choice stems from the same idea: Enjoying nature, preventing nuisance! As soon as the maximum number of registrations has been reached at a distance, you can still register for the waiting list. If there are dropouts, the vacated places can be occupied by reserves, in order of registration.