Start and finish location

Zwem, Sport en Zorg

Het Ravijn Nijverdal
Piet Heinweg 16
7441 GZ Nijverdal

If possible try to contact other participants to carpool together! There will be not enough space for all the cars if people travel alone by car. The participants list can be found on the registration page.
Please be aware that the road between Holten and Nijverdal through the National Parc(Nijverdalsebergweg/Toeristenweg) will be closed in the evening from 5 PM until 9 AM the next morning for all motorized vehicles. You run the risk of a fine when driving this road during closed hours. 

The start/finish location can also be reached by train. The train station in Nijverdal is at 800 meters from the start location.  

Another option to reach the start/finish location is to come by bike (very Dutch and good for the environment!) There is a “bicycle highway” called F35 from the German border to the start/finish location of the SallandTrail.

Start times

08:00 AM – start 50 Miles (80 km) SallandTrail
08:30 AM – start 50 km SallandTrail
09:00 AM – start 25 km SallandTrail (first group)
09:30 AM – start 25 km SallandTrail (second group)
10:00 AM  – start 10 km SallandTrail

Cut off times

The cut off time for the 50 Miles (80 km)  is 10 hours (finish time 6:00 PM).

Attention:  If a participant needed more than 8 hours to cover the first 65 km he/she is asked to leave the race and use our transportation to the finish. (There’s an aid station at 65 km.)

From 6 PM the finish area will be cleaned up. You can use the facilities of “Het Ravijn” until 7 PM (showers, changing rooms, restaurant).


The care, both on the trail and afterwards, is excellent!

Supercoop logo

Supercoop service stations have been placed on the 25 km, 50 km and 50 Miles course. These are mostly about 12 to 13 km apart (see the route maps). Water, sports drinks, tea and cola are available xf rolex day date m228345rbr 0002 mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 at the service stations. There are also pieces of banana, orange, chips, salted crackers, winegums and cake available. Participants must, if desired, bring extra drinks/food on the go. Afterwards, there is enough opportunity to replenish the used carbohydrates.

All paying participants can use the swimming pool “Het Ravijn” free of charge after the finish. The swimming pool will remain open until 7 pm on Saturday.
Supporters can also use the swimming pool, but have to buy a ticket. (Because the swimming pool is open to the public you have to use swimwear when showering!)
There is an excellent catering section, which will be open until the evening.

Time registration

Above the start / finish there is a large clock that starts at the start. Upon arrival each runner can see his own finish time. Finish times will be digitally updated and processed in a list of results (

Finishing on the 50 km trail or the 50 Miles trail counts for the 100 Marathon Club Netherlands. Results on the 50 km and 50 miles are also published on the UltraMarathonStatistics site of the DUV (Deutsche Ultramarathon Verein).

You do not need your own chip and do not need to rent or buy a chip.
The required time chip is already attached to the back of your BIB (don’t loose it!). Afterwards you can keep the BIB.