For the nineth edition of the SallandTrail many trail fans will once again go to the beautiful surroundings of Nijverdal-Hellendoorn. The Sallandse Heuvelrug is a perfect location for a beautiful, tough trail.
Thanks to the vastness of the nature reserve, the fantastic National Park and the many paths along the slopes of the Salland Hills, there is enough challenge for the fast growing group of trailrunners!

Do you want to see who is participating? As soon as the registration has been opened you can look at to check the list of participants of the different distances of the SallandTrail Nijverdal. Who knows, there are people joining with whom you can carpool together to Nijverdal!

The 10 km SallandTrail

New this year is the 10 km Start-to-Trail distance. We hope to offer a nice trail experience to 250 runners who find 25 kilometers a bit too far. The route follows the first and last part of the 25 kilometers. Count on a tough course including a sand pit!

The 25 km SallandTrail

For the novice trail runner, the 25 km SallandTrail offers a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with this sport. You have to take into account a tough course that requires more of you in terms of effort, concentration and alertness than running a half marathon over flat, paved roads. This effort can become even bigger when the dirt paths have become heavy due to long-term rainfall in the period prior to the trail. Caution and attentiveness to obstacles (including tree roots) and other runners is desirable, especially for the less experienced trainees.
On the other hand, it is true that with many trail runners the experience and enjoyment of being in a beautiful environment are the goal and not the achievement of a personal best! At the finish of the SallandTrail no (money) prizes are awarded for the fastest runners.
Not only for the novice trail runner but also for the more experienced runners, for whom a distance of 50 km or more is (still) too much, the 25 km SallandTrail offers sufficient challenge. In total, we can register a maximum of 700 enthusiasts at this distance.
In order to ensure that the crowds do not become too large immediately after the start, we will start again this year with 2 start groups at 25 km (Note: In the months prior to the SallandTrail, each year Exploration Trails are organized! Ideal for a good preparation!!)

The 50 km SallandTrail

The more experienced trail runners can register for the 50 km SallandTrail. From the very first edition, the reactions were extremely enthusiastic about this varied but also challenging trail. Every year there are a lot of participants and there are usually more requests than the number of participants that we can accomodate at this distance.
From the Netherlands and abroad the urgent question came to allow more participants on the 50 km SallandTrail. Thanks to the good cooperation and agreements with nature organizations and the perfect seven previous episodes of the SallandTrail, we can again ensure that also this year enough people can enjoy the 50 km SallandTrail. The number of participants at this distance is a maximum of 325!!

The 50 Mijl SallandTrail

The rapidly growing group of ultra trail runners is for distances of more than 50 km often dependent on trails organized in our neighboring countries.
The amount of these trails in Germany, Belgium, France and the Alpine region is many times larger than in the Netherlands.
For these ultra runners who look forward to and hope for even longer distances every year, we have a new challenge since a few years: the 50 Miles SallandTrail! With the SallandTrail, up to 175 ultra trailers from home and abroad have the opportunity to cover a distance of 50 Miles – 80 kilometers – in the beautiful surroundings of Salland! We are seeing a growing interest from Germany in particular!

Every year the enthusiasm for the SallandTrail is bigger than the limit of participants per distance. Especially the 25, but also the 50 km trail reach the limits of participants pretty fast. In that case, a waiting list will be opened.
The people on the waiting list will be added to the list of participants in order of registration, as soon as there is space. The people involved will receive a message when it is their turn.


For every SallandTrail participation is entirely at your own risk and at your own responsibility;

  • The organization can not be held liable for lost or damaged personal belongings, nor for injuries and/or damage that can be attributed to participation in a SallandTrail;
  • If due to unforeseen, special circumstances/force majeure (think of a dangerous weather situation or some sort of calamity on or around the course) the SallandTrail must be completely or partially canceled, no claim can be made on the return of the registration fee.
  • If for any reason whatsoever should be decided not to let the SallandTrail go on, there is guaranteed to be an arrangement whereby we will compensate the registered paying participants in one way or another. At least they will be able to take part in the next SallandTrail event at a reduced rate.